"It was time for me to downsize, but what to keep...throw away... give away? Kathy helped me in this transition so my new home has what I treasure! She kept to my budget restraints and made my home look welcoming and comfortable. I have say she went above and beyond to make this experience perfect. Thank you Kathy! "                                                                                                                                                                                Lynn B


"We had a wonderful experience with Kathy. She made what looked like an impossible task very manageable. She organized the project in steps which made it much easier to accomplish. She provided vendors and stores that we were not even aware existed. The upgrade of our home came out very well. Beyond our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone."                                                                                                              John M.

"I am a hard-working single mom with no extra time to decorate and found out I could re-design affordably and love my living room again! Kathy Phelan re-did my living room and I love it! I had many furnishings that I was not using and now I enjoy my living room and show it off to everyone! It’s a great idea to re-design for those of us on budgets and anyone that wants a fresh idea for an existing space. In these times of recycling and cost-cutting needs the idea of re-design is the answer. Thank-you Kathy for changing my life and helping me to rediscover my home.​"                              Jean M.

"Kathy did a fabulous job.  She took our current furniture and belongings and re-configured them to make our home so much more comfortable and presentable.  Thanks so much Kathy."                                                                                                                                                                                  Gina P.

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